Okay fine, I’ll make a few resolutions.


Last year I failed at keeping my resolutions.

My resolutions for 2011 were:
Quit Drinking
Get into better shape
Climb Mount Katahdin
Volunteer at the Humane Society
Figure out my stomach issues.

I did not quit drinking, but I significantly cut back on my drinking. I am an EMT an I am often on call. I am prohibited from drinking while being on call so that has helped and motivated me a lot with that issue.

I am probably in the worst shape of my entire life. Taking the EMT class last year and eating without control have done a number on my body. I weight the most that I have ever weighed. (150 lbs) Ick!

I did not hike Katahdin as I did not get into shape. I would still like to hike Katahdin. Who knows if it will be this year, but hopefully some year I will do it.

I did not volunteer at the Humane Society, although I would still like to. I talked myself out of it as I think it may be very hard to be there and not be able to take the animals home. But I still feel like I have to help in some way. I have recently been looking into fostering a pup. But that may be even harder than volunteering. How can I care for, train and love on a dog just to give them to someone else. (Plus Nick doesn’t want another dog). Back to square one and figuring out a way to help all the neglected dogs/ cats in the world.

I have had a lot less pain with my stomach in 2011 than previous years. I am still unsure of the exact cause of the pain, but I stopped taking any form of birth control in 2011 and that helped my pain significantly.

As for 2012 here are my resolutions.

Professionally, I need to work on my communications skills. I am very good at communicating electronically, but I am not so great at communicating verbally, especially talking on the phone. I often will put off talking on the phone until the last minute. I don’t know why but that is a huge block for me that I need to get over.

I need to spend more quality time with Nick. He often feels neglected and I feel bitter because I am not giving him the attention that he needs.

I need to work on wasting less food. We throw away a lot of food in our home. Luckily we have chickens who eat a lot of it and we compost the rest. But still there are only two of us in this house and we should not be wasting as much as we do.

I need to eat better.
I have been trying to stick to the 4-Hour Body diet. I like beans, meats, high protein foods and I have done well cutting out bread and dairy, but I have not perfected the art. I am seeing some weight loss 1-2 lbs per week when I stick to the diet. But I am often cheating. I need to work on sticking to to my diet to see better results. At this point, the weight has just got to come off!

And last but not least,I need to work on exercising more. I have a beautiful new recumbent exercise bike, thanks to Nick. And I need to use it. I have been neglecting walking the dogs too. I’ve just got to get up in the morning and get out the door and walk. I then need to bike for 30 minutes in the afternoon. I think that I have to re-work my daily routine and I may have more success with my goal to exercise more.

Well there ya have it. Hopefully I can stick to these resolutions.


About houndlove23

I am 22 years old and I live in Maine and I am an avid knitter. I have two hound dogs whom I love dearly. My boyfriend is a fisherman. I enjoy life and most of the things that it throws at me. I try to take things in stride and just enjoy life to the fullest!

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